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How It Works?

Step One

You pay $999 on the check out page. This is a great way to boost your online business. Includes a strategy session to create customized help that will be implemented by both you and our team. Includes SEO, Automations, Email Marketing Integration and 5 Website Updates a month!

Step Two

Use the button below to fill out our online website questionnaire. This will let us know exactly what you need from your website. After you complete the questionnaire, you will receive an email on how to send us your media files. Remember, whatever you do not have, if needed, we will create ourselves. We have 100% website completion rate.

Step Three

In 45 days after we receive payment, your website will be launched. After that time, any site promotions, holiday specials or announcements you want made to your website, you will let us know and we will make the updates for you. You will be billed $359 a month.

Premium Solution

Features Unloaded

Basic changes are content updates like changing staff members, blogs; and small designs or features like holiday announcements, adding a popup. They are not for redesigning an entire page.

If you have more than 3 – 5 basic website edits you have 3 options. 1. We can do a custom quote for you to get your  website updated. 2. We can spread out your updates. 3. If you pay the Partner Solution for the month, this will cover all of your requested updates. 

Absolutely.  We can substitute the product uploads for more website edits.

GMB stands for Google My Business. GMB listing increases your online visibility. When someone searches for your business or a related keyword, your listing will appear in Google’s search results, including Google Maps. This means more people can discover your business and potentially become customers. We will set up your GMB account if you do not have one or we will make edits to update it. Click here to learn more about what Google My Business is and why you need it.

The plan is month to month. There is no contract but it is automated billing so you will need to let us know when you want to cancel. 

Have A New Product? Then We’ll Upload As Part Of Your Plan Or Remove Your Old Products From Your Ecommerce store.

Keep track of all your Google accounts in one place. That way, one simple login to review results.

If your website was built on WordPress, it was built using software that needs to be updated monthly. If you do not make these updates, your website is more susceptible to malware attacks.

Our security solutions offer real-time protection against emerging threats, so you can be sure that your site is always protected. We will constantly update our systems to ensure that you are always protected against the latest threats.

Basic SEO is editing your  website pages so they are meeting the SEO requirements. That way your website can be found and indexed properly by Google. Your Front page SEO will be 

We keep your website safe and protected from malicious attacks so that both you and your customers can browse and make online payments with peace of mind. If your website becomes infected, our team has a removal system in place to remove the malware and restore your website.

We offer secure and automated website backups so you can rest assured that your site is always protected against data loss or malicious attacks.

Make sure your site is running optimally and gain valuable insights into how well it’s doing.

Stay up to date with what’s happening with your site. All reports are directly emailed to you in real time.

Nothing hurts a website’s credibility more than a broken link. We’ll check your website’s links periodically to ensure they are going to the right place!

Our premium phone support offers our clients the ability to chat directly over the phone with us. Our Partner Solution provides access to 24/7 phone support.

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We are happy to answer all the questions you have. 

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