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Our program has a 100% 501c3 approval rating

‘Hit The Ground Running’ Program Features

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Hit the Ground Running

Establish a successful nonprofit and receive, 1023EZ, bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, EIN, creation and submission of 5 grant proposals with our certified grant writer, including campaign development, set up bank account and integrate into Quickbooks with bookkeeper, social media set up, donation page set up, fundraiser page set up and added to website and more.

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Fundraiser Strategy Session

While you wait for your 501c3 status with the state, after we complete your website and your logo you will get 1 hour of Zoom-coaching with Nonprofit/fundraising consultant to help identify the right funding strategy. We will then implement the details into your website and establish your social media presence on Facebook or Instagram.

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Gain Real World Insight

Learn from our certified business/ non profit consultant to teach you how to set up a strong fundraiser, get set up properly in Quickbooks with our Bookkeeper so your organization doesn't get into tax trouble, get your website developed with a company with over 7 years of website development experience and more.

Website Features

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Content Support

Content Support. Whatever content you do not have ie. pictures, wording, video, we will provide.

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Recurring Donation System

We will develop a recurring donation system so that donors can provide their donation automatically on a weekly, monthly, annual basis.

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Volunteer Form Setup

We will develop a unique volunteer form to your organization so that the volunteer list will be automated and integrated.

Choose your plan

Pay all up front and save big or make monthly installments.

One Time


This option covers all the bases and more!
$ 1350
/month for 6 months
  • 1023 EZ
  • 501 c3 filed with the state
  • Organization Bylaws
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • EIN
  • Creation of one Grant Proposal and apply for 5 grants
  • Fundraiser Strategy Session / Nonprofit consultant
  • Quickbooks set up with Bookkeeper
  • Logo
  • Up to 10 Page Fundraising Website for Nonprofits

Are you looking for a church or nonprofit website with donation, event, volunteer functionality or a Social Community Platform.

Our Websites

Fully Responsive High-Quality Design

Cross Browser and Device Compatible

Donation Page Set up

Volunteer Registration Page Setup

Recurring Donation campaign set up

Blog Page Setup

Paypal / Bank Transfer / Offline Donation Gateway Integration

Social media Integration

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long will it take for me to get my 501c3 ?

It takes 3 months for the state to approve your 501c3 status. Once approved you will set up your business bank account and you will have your 1:1 session with a Bookkeeper to get your business set up in Quickbooks.

How soon until I get my first grant ?

Once you are approved with the state, we will begin applying for 5 grants on your behalf. The length of time it takes will depend on each grant. If you have immediate needs, make sure to discuss with your nonprofit consultant during your fundraiser strategy session.

What will I gain from the fundraiser strategy session?

During your strategy session, you will learn how to set up Volunteer Match, run a successful Go fund me account and get sponsors from corporate America. During this time, you will decide on a fundraiser and we will add all relative information to your website so you can begin to raise money while you wait for the state to approve your 501c3 status.

Do I need a business plan?

That is up to you. Some nonprofits use the Grant Proposal we create for them in place of the business plan. The grant proposal will include financials. If you are seeking a loan from a bank, searching equity partners or need to present to a sponsor, then you will absolutely need a business plan.

What is the difference between the 1023EZ and 1023 Full?

First, the price is different. The IRS charges $275 for the EZ and $600 for the Full. The biggest stipulation with the 1023EZ is that you are not to gross more than $50,000 in any of the first three years of operation.

What if I already filed my articles?

If you have already filed articles, we will look them over for the REQUIRED provisions and complete an amendment for you if needed.

Why is a Mission Statement important?

A mission statement is your “why”; your reason for existing. A strong mission statement can help you attract the right donors, talent, and keep you anchored to a common purpose!

Why is a Vision Statement important?

A “vision” statement is your idea of tomorrow. Let the world know how life will be better by supporting your non-profit. A good vision statement will help keep your company grounded.

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