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Our Slogan: Where Entrepreneurship Meets Innovation

Our Mission: To connect business owners and Entrepreneur's with technology

Our goal, in partnership with Black Wall Street USA is to help 50,000 businesses exponentially grow their businesses through the latest technological advances by 2025 and help create 5,000 new Black-owned businesses in the IT industry.

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We are currently seeking dedicated individuals to join our esteemed 50-seat BWSUSA Global Information Technology Council.

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Dedicated to family life and the entrepreneurial journey, join us as we explore topics that encourage, enlighten and motivate.

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We have partnered with BEIP to help disseminate information to people ready to explore another country to live, vacation or expand their business.

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Technology advancements have blended the playing field between small businesses and large corporations. Every day we bridge the technology gap for businesses who need help and collaborate with those who want to join us. We have created EmpowerBlack Program to close the gap. We also believe in dual citizenship and taking your business abroad. If you are looking for a watering hub to connect with business minded, goal driven individuals, let’s connect.

Business Spotlight Corner

We love shining a spotlight on our amazing clients so this year we decided to highlight a few from these 3 categories: Community Platform, For Profit Website, and Non Profit Website. Check out their awesome businesses by clicking on their logos.❤️

Community Platforms

These 3 businesses are all about fostering relationships. They have created online spaces for Veteran and Military Spouses to showcase and grow their businesses, Black Expats planning to travel to Panama and an collaborative space to support minority-led and servicing organizations.

Business Websites

We did our best to select 3 completely different businesses. Get ready to be inspired by these three! Explore their websites for top-notch products, services, and experiences. We were wowed by their entrepreneurial spirit!

Non Profit Websites

All the way from Oklahoma, to Denver to Africa, these two Nonprofits are doing extraordinary work and are making incredible change in their communities. Check out these organizations to learn more about their incredible missions and find out how you can support their noble causes.

Antonio Navarro

Co-Founder & Executive Marketing Consultant

"Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For"

Antonio Navarro is a seasoned marketing consultant with a wealth of experience and a passion for helping businesses thrive. With over two decades of leadership and entrepreneurship under his belt, Antonio brings a unique blend of skills and insights to the world of marketing.

Originally from Oklahoma City, his journey began with active involvement in faith-based organizations and volunteer work, fostering a deep commitment to community engagement. His dedication led him to spearhead a Substance Abuse program in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, aiding incarcerated women in their reintegration and recovery from substance abuse.

Educated at Morehouse College with a focus on Business Marketing, Antonio’s leadership prowess and rapid advancement in the U.S. Navy demonstrate his exceptional abilities. Since relocating to Malibu Beach in Panama, he continues to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs, leveraging his leadership, strategic acumen, and community empowerment dedication.

His multifaceted background and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others make him a trusted advisor and partner in the world of business. Antonio Navarro is the trusted marketing consultant you want in your corner to help your business reach new heights, whether you’re in Oklahoma City or Panama City, Central America.

Irena Navarro

Co-Founder & Operations Manager

“We live in a world driven by technology. Business owners who harness the power of technological advancements
will advance, while those who fail to do so, will wither away”.

Irena has a remarkable talent for optimizing processes and ensuring seamless operations. Irena works tirelessly to create ways to help her clients align their business goals with the lives they aspire to live. She believes every business has a spirit and the passion that leads them is the blueprint.

With over 12 years of experience working closely with Fortune 500 companies, Irena has collaborated with CEOs and VPs from some of the most recognized organizations in the nation.

Renowned for her ability to perceive the broader picture, Irena leverages her extensive knowledge to help other small businesses and non-profits implement steps to achieve their business goals. Irena is the Co-founder of Avarr Webbing, a marketing consulting firm that provides full circle solutions tailored to help business owner’s and nonprofits grow and scale. In just 5 years, Avarr Webbing has grown into an international company with clients all over the world. Some ranging from the United States Air Force Academy to the NAACP. Irena also serves as the National Admin for the Black Wall Street USA Informational Technological Council. With Districts all over the world, the IT Council serves to address the most pressing technological challenges faced by each district while simultaneously revolutionizing traditional practices. Irena is currently also a member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, an organization aimed at promoting “democracy in housing”.

Irena received her bachelor’s degree from North Carolina A&T University in Public Relations. She lives in Central America, where she enjoys a fulfilling family life with her husband, daughter, dog, cat and five chickens.

Avarr Webbing Timeline

February 2018

Irena Leaves Corporate America

Irena leaves corporate America to go full time on Avarr Webbing.

February 2018

December 2018

Antonio Separates from the U.S. Navy

Antonio was honorably discharged from the United States Navy and begins working with Avarr Webbing full time.

December 2018


Denver, CO

Avarr Webbing opens headquarter office in Denver, CO.



Birth of Baby Girl

Born in Denver, CO. Iela was born a Broncos Fan to the dismay of her Dallas Cowboy Uncle fan. We explained to him the last time Cowboys won the Superbowl, VCR players were a thing and TV was only in black and white.


March 2022

Central America

Avarr Webbing opens doors in Playa Malibú.

March 2022

The Life of the Navarro's

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