Learn the Secret to Picking the Best Domain Name

The Secret to picking a domain name is to keep it short sweet and relevant.
How to pick a Domain Name

Picking a domain name is a big step when it comes to building your brands reputation. Many people want to know how to pick a domain name which makes since. It sets the tone of how people view and feel about your company as soon as they hear it.

So, it’s no secret it should not be taken lightly. We’ve spoken to a few entrepreneurs and business owners to find out what they thought was most important when choosing their domain name. We summarized their methods on how to pick a domain name in ten easy bullet points below.

  1. Keep it short. The longer the web address, the more likely someone will type it in incorrectly, therefore, costing you a potential lead or sale.
  2. Design with your business email in mind. You’re going to want to put @yourcompany.com so you want to make sure that it, again, isn’t too long and two, it makes a great email.
  3. Make it so when people here your website name, they no immediately what type of service you provide ex. Dansauto.com
  4. Think of longevity. You don’t want to put your site name as something that can be locked to a particular time frame ex Dansauto2018.com
  5. Design with marketing in mind. You want your site name to go on your marketing material and your brochures, etc. so make sure it gives you the feel that your company is going for.
  6. Think of correct spelling. Girls.com vs. Girlz.com. Unless you plan on buying both domains, people may be more inclined to type the correct spelling of the word so if your domain is spelled differently, you may lose customers.
  7. .coms are extremely popular. You don’t want your potenial customers trying to remember . unique. So, unless you have a non-profit or a communication company stay away from .ORG & .NET etc…. stick to .com.
  8. Do your research. If your website is very similar to another company’s name and they sell similar items or services, consider another domain name. The last thing you want is to lose your customers to your competition over a technicality.
  9. Try to avoid using hypens and numbers. Keep it simple. The easier your website is, the easier for someone to remember it.
  10. If your business name is too long, think about abbreviating your site just to use the first letters of each word. Less is sometimes best.

That’s it! The ten secrets to how to pick a domain name. If your in the market fo a domain name here’s a link to a 99¢ domain no promo code needed.


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