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We provide customized solutions to match you and your business needs. Our plans also include monthly website edits, hosting, security and software updates. When you build a WordPress website with us, you will be joining BBC News, Facebook, Walt Disney, The Wall Street Journal and a host of other companies who have built their websites on WordPress. Why, because WordPress is one of the most versatile platforms that scales with your business.

We are proud of managing our client's projects.

Each of our clients get customized Design, functionality, mobile optimization, Email marketing integration, third party integration and monthly ongoing support that fits their business needs. We take care of your business online so you can focus on your business every where else.



We use WooCommerce for our sales platform which means you have all the flexibility as other platforms advertise but even more. You can keep track of customer orders, include a shopping cart and an abandoned cart feature which reminds customers they still have items in their shopping cart and you can have multiple ways for you to accept payment.

Members Only Login Page

Need a login and password page for a member’s only area? No problem! Plus we’ll connect to your social media accounts so you can cross promote. 


Design an events page, event calendar, attach a QR code, have customers pay for tickets directly on your website, track ticket sales, and even synch with third party companies such as Eventbrite. It’s totally up to you! With a WordPress website, there are endless possibilities for you.

Third Party Integration

We offer third party integration so you can connect your website to other platforms like Calendly, Booksky, Zoom at no additional charge. We can even integrate your website with Google Reviews so customer reviews will appear right on your website!  


Take reservations online, offer guests seamless booking, display and sell your products while clients book online, offer classes and manage your clients booking right from your own dashboard. 


Security features include Malware scans, firewall, two-factor authenticator and login lockout. All of our websites also come with a control panel where you can login and make edits to your website. You can have as many users as you want for no additional charge. 

We Build Our Client Websites On WordPress!

WordPress is the best platform in the world. It allows you the ability to grow your Website without changing platforms in the future.

Do you already use a lot of other services? With WordPress as your foundation you can have them connected to your site to create one big automated system!

Guaranteed to show up on Google

We guarantee you will show up on Google when your company name is searched. We do this by submitting you to at least 30 search engines including google.

When you are ready to really start driving traffic to your website just let us know and we'll add SEO to your plan!

How It Works?

Your website is often your customers first impression of your business. We want to make a great impression and give your customers the confidence to purchase from you. We keep your website up to date to ensure your business is staying with the times. Let's create a seamless enjoyable experience for your customers/clients.

Step One

Start with The Skinny Plan.

This plan is the basis for all of our complete solutions plans. You can add and build on as you go. Need more services like SEO, Automations, Email Marketing then choose the The Millennial or The Professional Plan.

Step Two

Fill out our website questionnaire.

The questionnaire helps our designers and developers stay on track with your specific wants and needs. It also helps us offer customized solutions that we see will help reach your business goals.

Step Three

Enjoy your fully Managed online solution.

After you complete your questionnaire we will start building you the perfect solution. We will ask you to provide us with any unique items you want to have added.
30 Day Money back Guarantee.


Keep your website up to date and a one-page revamp every year! Grow your site as your business grows without having to pay extra money or switch platforms and start over later. Connect to all your social media platforms and integrate with hundreds of third party software like Calendly, Active Campaign, MailChimp & more.


We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Get Your Custom Built Website For One Monthly Payment. Hosting, Premium Plugins, Software Updates, Security All Included.  $359/ Month. NO Hidden Fees!

Plans Comparison Chart

All of our plans come with cool features like price toggle bars, payment gateways, member logins, inventory tracking, third party integration to accept online appointments, connect to social media and so much more!

The Skinny The Millennial The Professional
Custom Website Get a beautiful professional website built for your industry designed by Avarr Webbing Up to 6 Pages Up to 6 Pages 6 - 10 Pages
Website Updates Monthly site edits per your request. Tell us what changes need to be made to your site and we’ll make them for you! 3/ Month 5/ Month 10/ Month
Landing Page Creation Promote A Product Or Event With It’s Own Page Or Create A Funnel Page To Increase Conversion. 50% OFF 50% OFF 4/ Year
Automatic Site Backups Your site will be backed up every month so changes made to your site will not be lost.
Product Upload Have A New Product? Then We’ll Upload As Part Of Your Plan Or Remove Your Old Products From Your Ecommerce store. 1/ Month 3/ Month 10/ Month
SEO 1 Page Optimized
Directory Assistance Submission To Local Search Engine Directories To Help Your Company Be Found.
Hosting Includes site security, phone support, Elementor Pro plugins updates and renewals.
SSL Certificate Build Customer Trust and Protects Data Being Transferred From Customer To You Or Your Third Party.
Graphic Design Design Flyers / Poster For Event Or Product Promotion. Can Be Used To Post To Social Media. 2/ Month 4/ Month
Blog Articles Articles help increase engagement on your site which helps with SEO. Each article is 300-500 words. 2/ Month 2/ Month
Backlinks Establish your site as an authority in your industry which helps to increase page rankings. 10 10
SEO Audit To Help You And Your Organization Stay Informed With The Progress Of Your Site. 1/ Month 1/ Month
Third Party Integration Such as Calendy, Email Marketing, Zoom 10 hours/ month
Strategy Session Go over website goals and next steps to ensure you reap the benefits of having a website. 1 Hour/ Month
Dedicated Account Manager Priority Phone Support and support ticket response.

The Skinny


A Month

Frequently Asked Questions

NO! We don’t believe in hidden fees. There are no startup fees. Just pay the $359 and we’ll get started!

There is not a contract for monthly maintenance & updates.   

However, if we design or revamp your website there is a small commitment.  We put a lot of effort in designing you the perfect online solution.

We even have a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our progress. We do ask for a 6 month commitment. This will allow you to really see the benefits of the solution we have provided for you. After that you are free to transfer your site where ever you like. Also, we can pause your account for 30 days at any time. Just ask!

It’s recommended you revamp your website every 1 to 2 years. After being on our plan for 12 months you are eligible for a redesign. 

Our plans ensure you’re always able to keep up with the times. 

All of our websites come with Ecommerce capability and payment gateway integration!

Yes. You will be given a login and password to the backend of your website. From there you will be able to make site edits.

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We are happy to answer all the questions you have. 

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