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Websites Designed by Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs

About Us

We know picking a company to design your website is a big decision. We also know having a website without traffic is useless. We have designed a one stop solution for the Entrepreneur who needs the flexibility of having a website without limits but also needs to keep it up to date while also driving traffic which converts to sales. Just tell us your deadline and if needed, we will provide the content, pictures, video, surveys, whatever it takes to make your website convey the message and presence you want. And after your website launches, we can keep your website up to date with new sales, announcements, events, etc.  Check out our Complete Solutions plans for more information.

Get started today by filling out our website questionnaire and we will design a website you will be proud to show.


Get The Most Out Of Your Website.

We Provide Complete Solutions Plans that enable you to reap all the benefits of owning a website. Our plans come included with everything you need including the cost of your full website design. There’s no upfront cost to build your website if you select a Complete Solutions plan. There’s only one low monthly fee starting at $359/ month. After your website launches, we’ll keep your site up to date with your current promotions, business changes, marketing blitz’, staff changes, and will revamp your website every year. We also offer website purchase options for people who want to pay a flat fee.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us


Ready to Launch

All of our websites are created ready to launch. What this means to you is any material we don’t get from you, we will create for you. At no additional cost, we will create content, pictures and/or videos to make sure your website is complete and has the image you want to project.


Complete Solutions

Holiday specials, new team member, new logo? Your website should reflect what’s happening in your organization at all times. We’ll update your website for you. Check out our Complete Solutions plans for more information.


Commitment Issues

We hear You! With us, NO hostile domain takeovers, NO websites held hostage. You own your website which means, after 6 months or out right paid off (whichever happens sooner), even though we’d hate to see you go, You Can.


DIY Website Updates

We’ll teach you how to make changes to your website with our  DO IT YOURSELF Live Zoom class. Our classes are held every Tuesday at 3:30 and Thursday at 5:30.

See How We Do Websites!

Complete Solutions
Simple Solutions

Complete Solutions

Get A Beautiful Professional Custom Built Website For One Monthly Payment. No huge up front costs. Hosting, Premium Plugins, Professional Emails, Monthly Website Edits All Included. Connect to all your social media platforms and integrate with hundreds of third party software like Calendly, Active Campaign, MailChimp & more. With a WordPress website, you will be able to grow your site as your business grows without having to pay extra money or switch platforms and start over later. Accept payments from your preferred payment gateway such as Square, Stripe, Paypal to name a few.

The Skinny

Get a stunning website professionally designed by Avarr Webbing. Your website Comes with 3 website edits a month, simply email us the requested changes and we'll make them for you.

The Millennial

Everything included in the Skinny Plus SEO. Guaranteed to increase traffic to your website with our proven SEO methods. Includes social media posts, blog articles and Backlinks.

The Professional

Everything included in the Skinny and the Millennial. Perfect for organizations that constantly need to make website changes. Includes monthly strategy sessions to go over website goals and automations.

Get A QR Code for Your Events Page

As part of our Events 1-3 Page Site, we’ll print 1,000 flyers and mail them to you.  We’ll add a QR code to your flyer so customers can easily get to your events page!    

Our Portfolio

To Name a Few

Oh my God, your website looks Amazing 🤩🤩



We use WooCommerce for our sales platform which means you have all the flexibility as other platforms advertise but even more. You can keep track of customer orders, include a shopping cart and an abandoned cart feature which reminds customers they still have items in their shopping cart and you can have multiple ways for you to accept payment.

Members Only Login Page

Need a login and password page for a member’s only area? No problem! Plus we’ll connect to your social media accounts so you can cross promote. 


Design an events page, event calendar, attach a QR code, have customers pay for tickets directly on your website, track ticket sales, and even synch with third party companies such as Eventbrite. It’s totally up to you! With a WordPress website, there are endless possibilities for you.

Third Party Integration

We offer third party integration so you can connect your website to other platforms like Calendly, Booksky, Zoom at no additional charge. We can even integrate your website with Google Reviews so customer reviews will appear right on your website!  


Take reservations online, offer guests seamless booking, display and sell your products while clients book online, offer classes and manage your clients booking right from your own dashboard. 


Security features include Malware scans, firewall, two-factor authenticator and login lockout. All of our websites also come with a control panel where you can login and make edits to your website. You can have as many users as you want for no additional charge. 

the way your webSite looks conveys a message to your customer

What Can Your Website Do For Your Business?

A well branded website in your company image establishes your hierarchy in your industry. It helps your customers identify your value and focus on your capabilities. This sets the perception of your company, the tone and feel and it can influence the cost your customers are willing to pay for your product/service. 

website addons

Integrate with seo

All of our websites come with on page SEO but if you want to take it to the next level, check out our dual SEO and our Organic SEO options. With our Dual SEO, we’ll connect your site to other websites to help quickly boost your SEO rankings.   You should start seeing results in 30-90 days.

Easy Website updates

Our Complete Solutions Packages are designed to keep your website up to date with your current promotions, business changes, marketing blitz’, staff changes, business announcements, giveaways and so much more. Just email us the changes you’d like to be made and we’ll make them for you. The cost of $359/month covers building the website, security, hosting and your monthly website changes/updates.

Community Platform

If you have a lot of followers and you want to convert them from a social media platform to a platform you can maintain control, this is a great option for you. For businesses that meet certain requirements, there is no upfront cost. 

We can also create an online community platform for people who are just starting out. Features include member’s only login area, member profile pages, online classes, online payments, direct messaging, etc. Schedule a free 5-minute consultation to get started!

Ecommerce Funnels

Ecommerce funnels are a series of stages designed to guide customers to a specific action. A successful conversion could be a newsletter subscription, like a page, schedule an appointment, make a purchase, literally anything you want. An eCommerce funnel will usually have 4 stages, including Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. That is the process by which customers interact with your website and products.

Landing Page Creation

Have up to 2 landing pages created included in your website care plan. Landing pages are used to help funnel your clients through your site and convert them into paying customers.

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level

We’ll show you how to replace your current salary with your business income. Upon completion of our Small Business Marketing Program, your business will be automated, your clients will be clearly defined and your brand will be positioned to secure major funding for next steps defined comprehensive business plan we provide you. Check out our small business marketing program.

everything a site could ask for

Original Blog Articles

Your website will have 1 - 2 original blog articles uploaded to your website. It's helps with engagement from customers. If you want more articles just add more to your website care plan.

Fast SSD Hosting

Solid State Drives provided a faster website experience than old hard drives. Less mechanical interference equals faster a site.

Graphic Design

Have a promotion you're running? We will put our graphic designers to work for you. Do your marketing right!

Search Engine Optimization

Have your site optimized to show up on search engines. After all that's the goal right. Back linking is one of the ways to show the search engines your website is an authority in your industry. We provide 10 back links a month

Premium Support

We understand it's important to be able to talk to someone. Our website care plans come with premium support to ensure your website gets updated quickly.

Performance Reports

Website care plans come with monthly SEO audits and weekly performance updates. This give you the ability to know whats really going on with your site.

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